Formulation design


_MG_9881Formulation Strategy

I recommend my customers to start with a formulation strategy: The strategy specifies the goal for the final product and describes a panel of opportunities which stepwise during the project can bring the customer to the final goal.

Design and expedite testing of formulation candidates

Theory and normal practice is a good starting point for the development of a new drug product. A final formulation often includes a complex mixture of additives and container materials, and often you cannot predict exactly how your new molecule will behave in this mixture. That is why testing of the formulation opportunities cannot be done too early in your project.

Very small scale lab experiments

In my business I have specialised in making the first formulation strategies, and in testing the first formulation designs in a simple research-like setup. I work in very small scale, and I only need a small amount of your precious new molecule for my experiments. I use only the analytical tolls I need for the task – and overall it means that I fast – and very cost effectively – can find the solutions you need. Some times it only takes a few weeks to conclude that a task is simple and ready to be outsourced for further development. In other cases it can take several months to find a solution.